A family’s dream. A special Horse. A Community of Support

We thank you for riding with us and humbly ask for your help to continue our ride to Badminton and then onto WEG 2014. Continued support in the form of carrots to shoeing helps in so many ways. Running an upper level horse is an extremely expensive endeavor and we need your help to keep Henny running.

This is truly a community endeavor.  You can participate in this dream, at 8000+ fans strong if even only a small percentage of his fans buy Henry some carrots and apples for $10.00 you can help keep him running.  And we will take you with us…  As I gallop cross country every one one of you will be riding along with me and Henny!

You will have made this happen.

You will have made this possible.

Thank you for supporting Henny.